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The Hanna Harmony Mission


Our efforts and fund raising programs focus us on 5 key mission objectives:

  1. To provide financial assistance to students who express a desire for private instruction, but who can’t otherwise afford it.

  2. To provide services and equipment for the band that allows for the same opportunities as other nationally recognized programs.

  3. To provide instruments for the program, both from the standpoint of each child having an instrument, as well as the purchasing of non-traditional instruments called for in musical scores.

  4. To support the band booster club, which will provide appropriate storage, transportation, field up keep, and the host of other responsibilities associated with the band program.

  5. To provide life-changing instructional opportunities for every child in the program.

Sponsorship Levels


*Other donations, including "in kind", will be designated as "Friends of TL Hanna Bands" unless requested to remain anonymous.

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